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Fifty-six delightful teammates. One super support team. A trip of a lifetime from London to Amsterdam. And we did it on a BIKE!

The London to Amsterdam charity ride is without doubt one of the best events I’ve been a part of. A challenging but lovey ride through the undulating hills of Essex, onto the low lying flat land of Holland. The awesomeness can be summed up in many ways but for me, the best part by far though was the amazing company - what an absolute bunch of brilliant Penguins - great to reconnect with old faces, meet the new crew and share an incredible experience with such quality people.

Group of people with bicycles

Some highlights....
The excitement. The anticipation. And we’re off. The surprising hills. The limitless Haribo. The Vaseline exchanges (for the chafing). The digging deep. The downhill bits… weeeeeeeee! The first sea view. The beers on the ferry. The first foreign soil in 3 years after COVID. The glorious pootle in the lovely Dutch countryside. The beautiful architecture. The Rijksmuseum tunnel. And we’ve done it! The Europop. The beeeeeerrrrs. The slightly achy but happy hangover.

Would do it again in a heartbeat. Amazing experience for an incredible cause.

Three happy ladies showing their medals.